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Self-aligning roller bearing applications and features

 Spherical roller bearing is in the two race between inner ring and groove for spherical outer ring, equipped with drum spherical roller bearing. On the surface of the outer ring raceway curvature center and bearing center consistent, so with automatic self-aligning ball bearing the same tone heart function. In there was a deflection axis, a hood, can automatically adjust, not to increase the bearing burden. Spherical roller bearings can withstand radial load and two direction axial load. Large radial load capacity, suitable for heavy load and impact load. Inner circle diameter is tapered bore the bearing, it can be installed directly. Or the use of set cover, remove the cylinder installed on the cylinder axis. Keep rack stamping steel cage, polyamide forming keep frame and copper alloy car cage.

Spherical roller bearings can withstand larger radial load, at the same time also can absorb a certain amount of axial load. This kind of bearing outer ring raceway is spherical shape, so has a self-aligning performance, when the axial stress bending or leaning and make the center line of the center line of the inner ring and outer ring relative tilt is not more than 1 ° ~ 2.5 °, bearing can still work.
Self-aligning roller bearing applies to carry heavy load and impact load, are widely used in metallurgy, mill, mining, petroleum, paper making, cement, sugar, etc.